Today we travel to Smolyan to meet Medi Loshev – a very young man who in front of clubs and discos has chosen to engage in cattle breeding without having family experience behind him, but with a lot of courage, diligence and desire to is learning.

We arrive at the farm near the Rudozem village of Barchevo, which has been under construction for several years according to a modern project, compliant with all the requirements for a modern farm. We climb the stairs to the owner’s office and we are very impressed by the impeccable hygiene, which can compete successfully with that of more than one of the health facilities in Bulgaria.

We will meet Medi for the first time, as he has been a member of the Association for only a few months. We are greeted by a smiling young man and we can’t wait to find out what made him take on this difficult endeavor, which, as we all know, is a real challenge in Bulgaria.

– Hello, Medi, great office! Tell us about yourself.

– Welcome! My name is Medi Loshev and I am 29 years old. I come from the village of Chepintsi. I graduated in “Management and Marketing of Banking and Finance”. I have been engaged in cattle breeding for 10 years, and lately quite professionally. The main business I develop is that of my family and it is in the field of trade in construction materials. I was 18 years old when I decided to start cattle breeding. I applied for a Young Farmer support measure and was approved.

– This decision is very strange for such a young person, given that the family business is in another area! There are many young farmers, but most are hereditary cattle breeders. However, this is not your case. What motivates you?

– I decided that I want to make money myself and that this is the right way. I had a very unrealistic idea, and things turned out to be much more difficult and the money much less than expected. The first farm was located in the village of Boyantsi near Asenovgrad.

I had acquaintances there – I bought a farm and 30 black and colorful animals. This farm has been around for about 3 years, but things were very difficult and at one point I decided to sell it and not do it anymore. However, cattle breeding attracted me a lot and only a year later I decided to try again when there was a new intake under measure 4.1. But this time I decided to build my modern farm with nice and quality animals, and to do things right. I applied and was lucky enough to be approved again and the “suffering” started again. The documentation around the project had to be corrected many times and was finalized in one year. We started building in 2016 and construction continued until the summer of 2019. We imported the first Simmental animals in the fall of 2019, and so far there are only 30, but my intentions are to bring them to 100.

– What led you to the Simmental breed?

– These are very adaptable, large, meek animals with first-class dairy products.

– You immediately decided to become a member of the Association. Why?

– This is the order – this is the right way to make things happen all over the world. My father and I called Mr. Atanasov and he responded immediately. We asked him because we were researching Simmental import offers at the time and we wanted to consult with him about the offers we had received. We recently met with him in Asenovgrad and after talking we found out that the offer we had was much above the price that the Association with its contacts can help us get.

Subsequently, he personally accompanied us to choose animals from Austria, assisted us with everything, and the price we agreed saved us several thousand euros. Of course, we also activated our membership in NARMS.

– I can’t help but ask you why, after several unsuccessful attempts at animal husbandry, did you start doing this again? You said that in Bulgaria this is very difficult, and the profit is far from what you imagined?

– On the first attempt I was really very unprepared for what lies ahead. But isn’t a negative experience also an experience !? Livestock is a bit like a disease – if you start, there is no giving up! In trade and construction, for example, especially in our region, you reach a level and that’s it. In cattle breeding, however, this is not the case – the business itself makes you constantly develop and educate until you learn how things are done and I do not think to give up . I believe that there is a lot of room for development. This time I am prepared and I know what I am doing!

– What surprised you unpleasantly in the beginning?

– The big mess with the documentation in Bulgaria – what should be the smallest problem and even help the farmer. I thought about the farm, about the animals, about the conditions, and I never imagined that most of the time I would actually have to fight the bureaucracy instead of thinking about business. In the beginning I remember the nightmare with milk quotas – it was full of contradictions. It’s like they want experience to start a job, but to gain experience you still have to start a job.

Absolute nonsense! There were constant pitfalls, and this is very demotivating, especially when you go into business with a lot of energy and high expectations. But it prepared me a lot and taught me how to handle it. Unfortunately, in our country everything is done on a trial and error basis and for every young person the administration is in no way helpful and supportive when it decides to start its own business. It is young people who should be stimulated to the maximum. However, I will not give up – my farm is my favorite place! Our family business in the field of building materials is very dynamic, and my animals are calm and pleasant. I hope that when we finish this project I will build a dairy and close the cycle. I want to produce quality products with proven origin – people are already looking for real dairy products and take care of their health. I hope that next year we will launch this idea as well, but it still depends on the possibilities for support.

– What breeding technology did you choose on the farm?

– Free boxing. We have made a modern new stable for the animals and we strive to provide them with the best possible conditions.

– I understand that you have a very extreme hobby, which is also in stark contrast to your other activities?

– Yes, I have been racing amateur with an enduro bike for about a year and I really like it, but it’s just a hobby.

– To summarize – you are a farmer, trader and a fan of extreme sports! We don’t have another one in NARMS and your story is very interesting! It will be a positive example for many young people who, regardless of their activities, can give a fresh wave of energy to animal husbandry in Bulgaria. What would you advise them?

– To think a lot before acting. To study, to read, to go around and to get acquainted with what is ahead of them. If they are prepared, they can achieve everything. I did it later and a little late, but still my experience is an experience. Do not stop in the face of difficulties!

– Great! We wish you success and we will visit you again to see the dairy and try the production!

– Thank you and I will be waiting for you!